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Construction and Agriculture Film

Construction and Agriculture Film Products

Layfield sells construction film in pallet quantities to distributors and high-volume end users. Layfield is a manufacturer of polyethylene films and has many different styles available. When volumes permit, we can also custom manufacture polyethylene films for specific customers. Layfield Packaging provides a variety of film, bags, and printing film products for industrial and food packaging applications. For more on our film products please go to the Layfield Packaging web site.


Construction and Agriculture films are normally sold to distributors in pallet quantities. If you have a demand for multiple pallet qualities of film products please contact your local Layfield office.

Follow the links in the left menu (or below) to view our Construction and Agriculture Film products. If you are not sure which products suit your application we suggest you also try the "Applications" or "Markets" menu items above for a list of products tailored to your business.