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Geotextile Products

Layfield carries a full line of geotextiles.Layfield has a full range of geotextiles available for all applications. Our woven and non-woven geotextiles are available from stock in most Layfield locations. Did you know that we slit and sew geotextiles? Layfield can cut full rolls of geotextile to different sizes using a band saw and can sew panels of geotextile to large sizes. We regularly sew double-wide and triple-wide panels of fabrics for road and embankment construction.


Layfield also has specialty geotextiles available and can special order most geotextile materials. Woven monofilament geotextiles are available for erosion control applications and high strength wovens are available for embankment reinforcements. Ask your local Layfield office which geotextiles are available in your area.

Follow the links in the left menu (or below) to view our Geotextile products. If you are not sure which products suit your application we suggest you also try the "Applications" or "Markets" menu items above for a list of products tailored to your business.


GeoDetect Strain Monitoring System
The GeoDetect Monitoring System is a sensor enabled geotextile system that includes geocomposite, fiber optics, instrumentation and software to provide measurement of strain and temperatures for health monitoring of soil structures.
High Efficiency Geotextiles RSi Series
RSi series geotextiles are advanced integrated woven geotextiles with higher tensile modulus and water flow properties than other comparable products that makes it more efficient for base course reinforcement and subgrade stabilization for roadways, haul roads and other applications.